Twan: our new Business Development Consultant

Twan Pielaat
June 5, 2024
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Let's introduce first: My name is Twan Pielaat and I am 22 years old. One year ago I graduated within the profession management. I started this study to develop my creative, enterprising and managing qualities. 

As a freelancer (DJ) in the event industry I discovered where I'm good at and when I am in the right place. That is when I'm able to connect with people to really make a difference. According to my passion, playing and making music, I go through life with one important purpose: “making people happy”. With my purpose in mind I started looking for a new and challenging job, something where I can be an important part in the connection between people (and in this case between colleagues and customers). This new challenge I found at InQdo! 

As a business development consultant I’m looking forward to enhancing my knowledge within the ICT-sector. And ofcourse, using my developed knowledge to really make a difference as a member of InQdo. Due to the warm welcome and nice conversations I felt instantly in the right place. 

I am convinced that I, as a new employee of Inqdo can contribute to the professionalisation and growth. As colleagues we all should work in our strength, as that is the best way we can mean something for our customers and this world, with our cloud and integration solutions!