Martijn: Our new Developer

Martijn Versteeg
May 16, 2024

A new job paired with a career switch. How would that go down? I can say that it's going down extremely well, and I couldn't have imagined a smoother landing at inQdo.

My name is Martijn Versteeg, and I live with my family in Nieuwegein. After a career in Finance, I decided to leave the numbers behind and pursue a new challenge. Working as an independent with my own accounting firm was fulfilling, but over the years, I noticed I was missing the interaction with direct colleagues. The social aspect, as well as achieving a collective goal, challenging each other, and learning from one another, are essential to my job fulfillment.

All of this, combined with the need for more intellectual challenge, led me to wonder more and more if a career in IT might also be an option. Where programming, once a hobby, could evolve into an actual new career. The initial pleasant conversations at inQdo dispelled all doubts.

I'm delighted to have started my cloud journey as a Developer at inQdo on May 1st. inQdo focuses on AWS technologies that I'm passionate about. Additionally, the open culture, the clients, and the diverse array of people with different backgrounds greatly appeal to me.

In my free time, I enjoy watching documentaries and learning new things. A few years ago, I converted a van into a camper and traveled through Europe with my girlfriend. With the arrival of our son, the trips have become shorter, but I still thoroughly enjoy a weekend getaway within our own country. Furthermore, I find it relaxing to clear my head with an evening run through the park.

I hope to be a welcome addition to the inQdo team. The warm welcome and excellent guidance make it, in my opinion, already a successful migration, to speak in cloud terms.